How do I go about renting a timeshare unit?

By the time you’ve made it to this page, you probably already have an idea of where to take your next vacation. Once you have made a decision on your destination, it’s as easy as 1..2..3..

In order for us to assist you as efficiently as possible, you would need to as specific as possible, we would firstly need to know whether you looking for a beach, berg or bush getaway. Secondly we would need to know your intended vacation dates as well as how many people you need to accommodate during your vacation. Units vary in size from Studio 2 sleeper units right up 3 bed, 8 sleeper duplex units depending on the resort of your choice.

All you need to do is either complete the Rental Enquiry Form located on our home page or send us an e-mail outlining your vacation requirements and return to us, at which time we will check availability and advise on pricing.

Once you have confirmed your interest in the unit/resort offered, a Provisional Booking Form detailing your particulars together with the resort details (name/size/check in/out dates and price) will be e-mailed to you for your completion/signature and payment.

All reservations are to be confirmed and paid for within 24 hours in order to secure your reservation.
Once the Provisional Booking Form and payment has been received, the owner will be informed of your reservation. They will in turn inform the resort and request the “Resort Notification of Guest”/ Guest Certificate” which will reflect your particulars (name/surname / resort / check in/out dates and size).
You will be required to print the Resort Notification as you will be required to hand this in when checking into the resort.

What is the process for renting out my timeshare unit?

The answer to this question is unfortunately not as simple as the question.
There are various ways you are able to go about renting out your timeshare unit should you not be making use of it, and these of course come with their own unique set of challenges, namely:
Renting it out to either colleagues, friends or family members.

Advertising privately

Both of the above approaches can of course lead to untold frustration, broken promises and a loss of income as friends/family/colleagues will of course want to rent your unit for as little as possible. On the other hand, taking the “bull by the horns”and trying to advertise it privately without the help of an agent, can be just as frustrating due to the number of timeshare scams that have befallen this industry, the public are often very wary of dealing direct with an owner and handing over large sums of money.
We at Timeshare Getaways have a proven track record with regards to the handling of rentals on behalf of our clients, and would value the opportunity to assist you with your rental. In order for us to do this, we would require a Rental Mandate to be completed which would provide us with your personal details as well as your unit details.
Once we have achieved the mandated rental amount agreed upon, and the client has made the deposit, funds are paid over to you immediately, with no waiting period.

It is your responsibility as the owner to inform the resort that a guest will be checking into your unit, as they do not take instruction from Agents.
You may be required to complete and return a “”Notification of Guest” form that will be forwarded onto you directly from the resort.
You will have to furnish the resort with these details amongst others, unit number, date of occupation / week number, to / from , tenant name/surname, tenant address and contact number.
Once the resort is in receipt of the above information they will prepare and forward the Guest Certificate onto you which you in turn would have to forward onto us as your Agents timeously so that we can forward same onto the tenant as they will be required to produce this documentation at time of arrival at the resort.

How do I determine the rental value of my unit?

There is no “set in stone” process when it comes to determining the rental value of your unit. You, as the owner of the week/unit are able to set your own rates for your timeshare rental.
The most popular strategy used by owners when determining rates is to ensure you cover your annual levies at the very least.
Rates are dependent on a number of factors, including the week of your reservation, the location of your resort, and the size of your accommodation. Peak season (school holiday) weeks generally attract a higher rental due to the demand of stock.

A great guideline to work on is to contact the relevant resort and enquire what their rental rates are for the particular resort/unit/size/date that you own, as well as check online what other owners are advertising their comparative units for to ensure you don’t overprice your unit.

Private Agents vs Tsogo Sun “Accredited Agents”

Unfortunately correspondence and comments made by “in house” agents gives the impression that (Tsogo Sun) have exclusive rights to rental and re-sales at the Southern Sun/Tsogo Sun resorts throughout the country.
This couldn’t be further from the truth, as in reality, no exclusivity whatsoever is held by these “in house” agents, and they have no rights over and above any other agent who is carrying out rentals on behalf of timeshare owners via mandates.
They furthermore cannot turn guests away should a signed mandate be held by an “outside” agent on behalf of an owner
Breakages/damages will be payable by the tenant prior to departure, so the owner is no way responsible for this should the rental not be carried out by an “in house” agent.

Unlike dealing with “in house” agents, the rentals achieved are payable immediately, and are not withheld from the owner until a week or two prior to occupation.

As an owner you would be required to obtain the Resort Notification of Guest (Guest Certificate) on behalf of the tenant directly from the Resort and forward it onto your rental agent so that it can be sent to the tenant timeously prior to check in.

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