About Timeshare Getaways

About Timeshare Getaways

The decision to rent a timeshare, compared with a hotel room, is a simple one. The advantages of a timeshare rental are striking, from the added privacy of multiple bedrooms to full kitchens to prepare meals. Larger living areas, separate dining space, in-room washer and dryer to keep the beach towels dry and the ability to relax in an apartment-style living space far outweighs a cramped hotel room where the family piles onto the bed to eat a pizza at night. The price is much lower compared to a hotel room of similar quality

Whether you’re looking to rent a high quality timeshare vacation or are looking for someone to rent your unit for the year, Timeshare Getaways is the best way to make the connection between available units, tenants and owners.  

Timeshare Getaways solves two solutions at once, vacationers are able to find available, affordable accommodation and owners are able to cover their levies from the rentals received.

Timeshare Getaways prides itself in offering top quality, affordable getaways at all the up market sought after timeshare destinations throughout Southern Africa without the commitment of owning and being responsible for annual levies, special levies, upgrades and refurbishments.

​Looking to spend your days lazing on the sunny shores of the East Coast on one of our magnificent beaches, or soaking up the rays around the resorts swimming pools, enjoying the peace and tranquility of one of our Berg resorts, or taking game drives in the bush veld, we have something to offer everyone, no matter what age.

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